Guest Services

Offering a unique experience of delightful hospitality is the cornerstone of our hotels’ philosophy. With unique personalised care, top-level amenities, exclusive services and the dedication of our staff, we aim high to ensure we can offer you a memorable stay beyond all expectations, accompanied with:

  • Butler service
  • Pre-arrival request and shopping service
  • Express check in / check out
  • Luxurious transfers from and to the airport
  • Welcoming refreshments upon arrival
  • Valet parking
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Laundry, dry-cleaning and garment-pressing services
  • Excursions, yacht and helicopter rentals
  • Leisure activities (water sports, horseback riding, etc.)

At the forefront of service, you will always find the captain of our ship, Marios Daktylides. Like his father before him, Marios is a consummate local host who continues the legacy of creating truly authentic experiences. It may be surprising that someone so involved in shaping the future of Mykonos wants to talk about the past. But for Marios, the next chapter of this idyllic Greek island was written generations ago.

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‘Mykonos was originally made popular many years ago by the exceptional hospitality of the locals,’ he explains. ‘You see, in the old days people would come to the island and the residents here would give their houses to visitors and simply sleep on the beach. Our guest services are rooted in that tradition. My father, George Daktylides, along with the great support of my mother, Eleftheria, built their success on that spirit of hospitality, hard work and “meraki”, which in Greek means passion.’