Personalize your stay

Holidays are the best time to make memories, because we make the time to take in the essence of what surrounds us.

Why not grant yourself the gift of capturing those moments through the lens of a professional photographer who will accompany you on a tour of the island? Have fun with this wonderful way of making magical Mykonos memories, learning alongside a professional or as the subject of a beautiful photo reportage.

Delos & Rhenia Discovery

Owner’s Tip: whatever else you do on Mykonos, don’t miss visiting the neighbouring island a mere 30 minutes by boat that will transport you to a different universe.

As a native of Mykonos, Delos is a place I have never tired of returning to time and again. The mythological birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Evidence of habitation dates back to the 3rd millennium BC on this little island which was a very important religious centre from the 9th Century BC and for almost one thousand years. From 478 BC, it hosted the treasury of the Delian League before it was removed to the Acropolis in Athens and Delos turned into a thriving port of world trade from the 4th Century BC onwards. A museum among the ruins of the ancient city contains the most important artefacts unearthed during ongoing excavations.

Leaving Myconian Korali at noon, you will swim and snorkel around Rhenia and enjoy a grilled on-board barbeque lunch before heading to Delos around 5:30pm, a time of day at which few visitors choose to visit the island. Walk through the ancient city in the company of a certified private guide as the sun sets over its marble ruins. And on your return to Mykonos Town around 8pm with champagne in hand, just when you thought it couldn’t get more magical, Chora will light up its glittering night mantle.

Horse Riding

Riding on one of the most beautiful Islands in the Cyclades is an unforgettable experience.

Discover the unique and breathtaking scenery from Ano Mera to Fokos Beach, accompanied by Fanis Rouvas, a professional-riding instructor, horse-trainer and breeder of 24 years who will ensure that the experience is relaxed, comfortable and safe. Each rider’s specific needs are taken into consideration and many of our horses are rescue animals that have been working with tourists on the island for over 11 years. Instruction is provided for beginners and clients are equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Itineraries can be tailored to special occasions such as romantic outrides. Transportation to and from Myconian Korali is included.